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FAQs about the
Skilled Nursing Applications Program

Q: Why would I use the services of a firm like Kent to process Long-Term Care applications?

Q: Can’t I just leave it to our patient and their family to complete the application process?

Q: Is Kent a law firm?

Q: Will Kent representatives secure the documentation required by the Medicaid process?

Q: Our patient already has an attorney. Can you still help?

Skilled Nursing Applications Program (SNAP)
Leveraging the Medicaid applications and appeals process to maximize reimbursement

Over the years Kent has perfected its Medicaid and MassHealth applications and appeals process for those individuals who require skilled nursing home care. In an effort to further simplify access to these services to the skilled nursing care and rehabilitation provider communities and their patients we have developed an on-line intake process that allows your nursing or rehabilitation facility to take advantage of the many benefits that our services provide to you and your patients.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. It’s a “SNAP”.


Complete the intake form or call us at 978.777.9998, Ext. 317 or toll free at 800.696.1032 (you will receive a confirmation e-mail once the referral has been accepted);


We can then either have a field representative meet with your patient and family at your facility or we can contact your patient directly and initiate the application process over the telephone;

3. We take it from there and notify your patient and the provider upon final determination.

Our fee for this service, no matter how complex the application, is $850.

Our fee is generally paid by the nursing or rehabilitation facility. However, we are able to accept private applications subject to a conflicts check. The fee for this service is $850.00 at the time the application is submitted.

In any event, you and your facility never pay more than the maximum $850 fee.

For more information please e-mail Rosa Negron, or call us at 978.777.9998 ext. 317 or toll free at 800.696.1032.