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Why choose Kent for Out-of-State Services

Every state has its own requirements, forms, procedures, and peculiarities. Kent regularly guides Medicaid applications and insurance claims through organizations in other states, so we know the fastest ways to ensure payment. In addition, Kent attorneys are admitted to the New Hampshire bar, allowing us to extend legal support to that state.


Out-of-state Medicaid Applications and Claims Management
Overcoming hurdles to generate payment

Ensuring payment from out-of-state Medicaid agencies and thier allied Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MMCOs) can be an arduous task. Requirements for provider enrollment and applications for patient eligibility vary among agencies, their allied MMCOs and other insurance providers. Each state and carrier has different claims processes, procedures and regulations. Many state Medicaid agencies employ MMCOs managed care programs, often making the process even more convoluted.

Kent applies over 35 years of experience, extensive know-how, prompt follow-up, and meticulous verification procedures to overcome these hurdles to payment from out-of-state insurers and Medicaid agencies. Using our fine-tuned Best Practices for Reimbursement, we manage enrollments, applications, and claims to out-of-state insurers and Medicaid agencies, freeing our clients to concentrate on other, more important issues.

Out-of-state Provider Enrollment
The first step in securing payment from out-of-state organizations is to ensure that the healthcare provider is credentialed and enrolled by the particular insurer or Medicaid agency. Kent drives the process, by securing all necessary documentation, completing and submitting all provider enrollment applications and procuring the information needed for all required attachments, including:
• Certificates of insurance
• Licenses
• Completed W-9 forms
• IRS certifications
• Medicare EOBs (remittance)
• DEA certifications
• Board of directors/trustees lists

Out-of-state Medicaid Applications Program
In situations where a patient is potentially eligible for out-of-state Medicaid coverage, our Applications team seeks the highest level of benefits and the earliest possible retroactive eligibility start date for the range of services needed, including community-based programs, disability coverage, and long-term care placement, if appropriate.

For clients whose patients may be eligible for out-of-state Medicaid payments, we:
• Communicate face-to-face, over the phone, and through correspondence

   with patients, their families, and healthcare providers
• Enroll patients with the appropriate primary care physician/clinician
• Communicate through memoranda and conferences with staff at out-of-

   state Medicaid enrollment centers and agencies
• Issue medical and psychological consultation exam reminders
• Request and prosecute fair hearings
• Perform legal reviews and file complaints with the courts, when necessary
• Retrieve and submit medical records to out-of-state agencies, as required

Kent handles all aspects of applying for out-of-state Medicaid eligibility. We screen patients, file and track applications, and manage all aspects of appeals and denials.

Kent offers extensive screening services that allow us to determine potential eligibility and collect any required additional information. Our trained specialists speak Spanish and Portuguese and work closely with interpreter services to meet patients’ needs for translation. They carry out interviews on site; they can also screen over the telephone or through correspondence, when that is more convenient or appropriate. In many cases, they pre-screen cases for potential eligibility, often even before services are rendered.

If we deem that a patient is potentially eligible for Medicaid in another state, we use the information collected in the screening process to file an application. We monitor applications carefully, using our automated collection/tracking/scheduling system to coordinate all procedures and timelines.

Denials and Appeals Management
When an out-of-state agency denies coverage that should be available per state or federal guidelines, Kent responds efficiently and effectively. We immediately file an appeal, as appropriate, to preserve the original application date and potential retroactive eligibility. This approach ensures that our clients do not miss out on any reimbursement opportunities.

Out-of-state Claims Management
Kent’s Claims team ensures complete, accurate and timely processing of claims to out-of-state commercial and government insurers. We can:

• Handle issues specific to inpatient and outpatient services
• Verify patient eligibility and coverage dates
• Investigate and resolve issues that arise out of Medicaid eligibility

   verification system restrictions
• Pursue claims with all out-of-state Medicaid managed care organizations
• Request retroactive and prior authorizations
• Request and provide medical records to agencies as appropriate
• Ensure consistency and accuracy of universal billing and claims correction

• Ensure consistency and accuracy of diagnosis and procedure codes
• Resolve issues with primary care physician/clinician referrals
• File appeals with appropriate out-of-state agencies
• Challenge medical necessity claim denials
• Request administrative hearings, as necessary and appropriate

Kent manages out-of-state claims using a well-defined process that involves claims submission, claims tracking and reporting, denials and appeals management, and legal follow-through, as necessary.

Claims Submission
In the event that a patient falls under the auspices of an out-of-state organization, Kent follows the same assumption as we do for any other insurer or government agency: "A Clean Claim Gets Paid."

Before we submit any claim, we ensure the completeness and accuracy of all information. We verify eligibility, authorization, referrals, coding, medical records, hospital clinical notes, and proof of facsimile submissions. As often as possible, the office uses electronic means to send off referrals, claims, forms and other information, facilitating efficient and cost-effective execution.

Claims Tracking and Reporting
We manage all our efforts with an automated collection / tracking / scheduling system in real time. Our clients can access the system to see exactly where claims stand.

Custom reports give our clients extraordinary insight into general trends, granular details, and tactical and statistical information. Kent managers review reports regularly, looking for ways our clients can improve their own claims processing. At no extra cost, we recommend remedies and provide in-service training, showing clients how to avoid these problems.

Denials and Appeals Management
Healthcare providers lose hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential revenue simply because it is so difficult to process out-of-state claims correctly. Kent handles denials by preventing them in the first place. Before a claim is submitted, our specialists discover and rectify potential problems caused by incomplete or inaccurate forms, billing deadline discrepancies, coding errors, and lack of referrals.

If an out-of-state insurer or agency denies a claim, we immediately notify our client of the result and its reason. If the denial is unjustified, our appeals specialists resubmit the claim with the corrected and amended information.

Legal Follow-Through
In the rare cases when standard appeals procedures are unsuccessful, our staff attorneys are available to advocate and negotiate. As members of both the Massachusetts and New Hampshire Bars, they have the qualifications to request and prosecute fair hearings, file complaints for judicial review with the appropriate court, and appeal claims to the highest level in both jurisdictions. These capabilities make us unique in the industry.



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